Colorful-kids-Happy-New-Year-2016-images-wishes-quotes-hdSurprise! I’m beginning 2016 with a blog post and a resolution to regularly share with you news, inspiration, and random thoughts about TBCWEA, children, and just life in general. So stay tuned for what’s coming!

Sometimes I think I think too much about what to put in a blog post. The former editor in me wants to make sure everything is grammatically correct and perfect before posting. However, that is not always the purpose of a blog. So I’m committing to just let my thoughts “go with the flow.”

So here goes!

Looking back over 2015, I am grateful for the support so many of you have given TBCWEA. You’ve attended our conferences, spoken words of affirmation, and encouraged us as we continue to provide support and premium training opportunities for you. This keeps us going..

Looking forward to 2016, I’m excited because . . .

    1. Our theme for 2016 is awesome. (No, I’m not going to reveal it just yet. But, trust me, you’re going to like it.)  I’m trusting God to bring more directors and teachers to each of our events to experience the best training possible. Not just for the numbers, but because we as early childhood professionals have a responsibility to “stand up” for the best/appropriate ways to teach young children. To do that, we must take training seriously!


  1. Two well-known early childhood educators have agreed to be keynote speakers at our state conferences:Gigi and Eric
  2. Gigi Schweikert, author and presenter; and Eric Nelson, creator of the Outdoor Classroom Project in Southern California. Nelson and his staff have worked with
  3. many churches to implement bringing the “inside, outside.” I’m working on a third speaker…so keep watching!


My prayers are with you as you head back to the classrooms this week. Hopefully, you are rested, refreshed, and ready to face the smiling, crying, clinging, or … faces. Funny, how after the Christmas break, it is like the first day of school all over again.

Thanks for all you do!

Mary Ann