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Fall Summit

September 12, 2020
9:00am- 11:00am LIVE

Join us online for 2 LIVE training hours!


Pre-recorded breakouts available anytime after 11:00am!

You’ll receive up to 8 training hours and never have to leave your house!

through September 5th!

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Peggy Osborne

Education Consultant, Speaker

Keeping Them Focused On Christ In A Chaotic World

LIVE via ZOOM at 9:00am

Leroy Armstrong

Teaching Pastor, FBC McKinney

Honoring Cultural Diversity in Our School Family

LIVE via ZOOM at 10:00am

Beth Cannon

Speaker, Entrepreneur

Learn to Move, Move to Learn

Pre-Recorded Breakout

Jenice Dames

Administrator, Special Needs Expert

Exploring Learning Styles in the Early Childhood Classroom

Pre-Recorded Breakout

Dr. Sandra Duncan

Author, Early Childhood Environments Expert

Lessons From Jellyfish: How to Create Appealing, Beautiful, and Purposeful Habitats

Pre-Recorded Breakout

Dr. Melissa Ewing, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Managing Stress So It Doesn’t Manage You

Pre-Recorded Breakout

Dr. Christy Isbell

Pediatric Occupational Therapist

Why Can’t They Sit Still?

Pre-Recorded Breakout

Dr. Barbara Sorrels

Early Childhood Trauma Specialist, Author

Challenging Behavior: What Does It Mean and What Does It Tell Us?

Pre-Recorded Breakout

Keeping Them Focused On Christ In A Chaotic World

Peggy Osborne, Education Consultant, Speaker

Saturday, Sept 12, 2020 9:00am(CDT)

Does your life feel like it is spinning out of control? 2020 has certainly been a year of chaos and turmoil.  Usually, we know what to expect in our classrooms and from our families, but this year is looking so different from the rest! You may be coming into a classroom family where there is sadness from the loss of a loved one or heightened fear due to our current pandemic and cultural unrest. However, we have the opportunity to remind our families and children that God knew this was coming and has promised that He will walk with us through it all! What can we put into place in our classrooms that will help the children feel safe and secure in the midst of our upside-down world? What are some words we can use with our families to encourage and support them? Are there scriptures we can embed in our day to day teaching that can equip children, parents and ourselves as we tackle each day? Intentional teaching and a well-planned environment during a tough season can make a lasting impact for a lifetime! 

  • Core Competencies: Child Growth & Development (1.4); Supporting Skill Development (4.1)

  • Licensing Standard 745.1309 (b,4) Teacher-child interaction); (f,11) Responsive Caregiving

Honoring Cultural Diversity In Our School Family

Leroy Armstrong, Teaching Pastor, FBC McKinney

Saturday, Sept 12, 2020 10:00am(CDT)

It’s pretty obvious that God made all of us different and unique! He also made us the SAME – in His image. In this session, we’ll learn how diversity in ethnicity and culture affect relationships in our school families. How can we appreciate each other’s differences – in culture, in parenting styles, in traditions, etc – while also building unity in our community as a whole?  You’ll leave this session with some practical action steps for fostering unity among your school families and thereby create a healthier community as a whole.

  • Core Competencies: Diversity & Dual Language Learners (6.1); Families & Community Relationships (7.1)

  • Licensing Standard 745.1309 (f.6,7) Cultural Diversity, Professional Development

Learn to Move...Move to Learn

Beth Cannon, Speaker, Entrepreneur


Learn to Move…Move to Learn is an interactive workshop that teaches teachers how to incorporate exercise and large motor development in every lesson.  Movement is an effective cognitive strategy, and you will learn foundational facts about the importance of movement in the classroom and solid links to learning.  You will walk away with a toolbox of brain breaks, activity lessons, ideas to move through literature, and keep your kids moving throughout the day.

  • Core Competencies: Supporting Skill Development (4.9)

  • Licensing Standard 746.1309 (f.2,9,12)Child Health(Physical Activity), Planning Developmentally Appropriate Appropriate Learning Activities, Minimum Standards

Exploring Learning Styles In The Early Childhood Classroom

Jenice Dames, Special Needs Expert, Administrator


How can teachers make sure they are meeting the learning needs of all the children in the classroom? This interactive session will focus on the different learning styles and give tips on how to ensure developmentally appropriate activities that will allow all children to be successful.

  • Core Competencies: Child Growth and Development (1); Learning Environments, Planning, Framework, Curriculum, and Standards (3.1)

  • Licensing Standard 745.1309(b.1) Child Growth and Development; (b.4) Teacher-Child Interaction; (f.9) Planning Developmentally Appropriate Activities

Lessons from Jellyfish: How to Create Appealing, Beautiful and Purposeful Habitats

Dr. Sandra Duncan, Author, Early Childhood Environments Expert


The learning environment sets the tone for all learning experiences.  What can we learn from jellyfish about classroom design? In this presentation we’ll cover three classroom design strategies – (1) advantages of curvilinear environments; (2) ways to create free flowing (without physical encumbrances) environments; and, (3) ideas for designing illumination experiences for young children.

  • Core Competencies: Learning Environments (3.1)

  • Licensing Standard 746.1309 (b.1,2,3) Child Growth & Development, (f.9,10) Planning Developmentally Appropriate Activities, Observation & Assessement

Managing Stress So It Doesn’t Manage You

Dr. Melissa Ewing, LPC


Stress is the emotional and physical way in which we respond to pressure, difficulties, or problems in our lives. Stress impacts each of us in different ways and each person has a different threshold for stress. The ongoing pandemic has created a new set of stressors for individuals and families. In this session, you will learn some practical tips for managing stress in your personal life, the classroom, and your school.

  • Core Competencies for Administrators: HR Leadership and Development (3.1,3)
  • Licensing Standard 746:1309 (f.7) Professional Development

Why Can’t They Be Still? A Sensory Integration Approach to the “Overactive” Preschooler

Dr. Christy Isbell, Pediatric Occupational Therapist


Participants will learn about the brain process, sensory integration, and how it is related to preschoolers who appear to be “overactive.”  Red flags for the identification of preschoolers who have Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and are “vestibular seekers” will be presented. Participants will receive practical, easy-to-use solutions to address challenging behaviors such as impulsivity, risk-taking, and constant movement (for example, fidgeting, wiggling, or rolling around). Many of the evidence-based suggestions may be used to improve the learning environment for all young children.

  • Core Competencies: Child Growth and Development (1.1,2,3); Learning Environments, Planning Framework, Curriculum, and Standards (3.1)

  • Licensing Standard 746.1309 (b.1 – Child Growth and Development); (d.1 – Care of Children with Special Needs)

Challenging Behavior: What Does It Mean and What Does It Tell Us?

Dr. Barbara Sorrels, Early Childhood Trauma Specialist, Author


Increasing numbers of children in childcare and educational settings today are struggling. Children “act out” what they don’t have the words to say.  This workshop will focus on the messages behind the behaviors and what it means about that child’s view of self, others and the world. 

  • Core Competencies: Responsive Interactions and Guidance (4.1,2); Supporting Skill Development (4.1)

  • Licensing Standard 746.1309 (b. 2 – Guidance and Discipline)