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COVID Reopen Summary Document (4/28/2020) TBCWE
Sample Health and Safety Plan – Staff (members only – login here) TBCWE
Sample Health and Safety Plan – Parents (members only – login here) TBCWE
Minimum Standard Health Protocols: Checklist for Childcare Centers Governor’s Strike Force to Open Texas
Child Care Regulation Guidance for Open Day Care Operations Texas Health & Human Services
Emergency Rule Certain Day Care Operations in Response to COVID-19 Texas Health & Human Services
CDC Guidance for Open Child Care Operations Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
Interim Guidance for Administrators of US K-12 Schools and Child Care Programs Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
Texas Workforce Commission Resources for Child Care Texas Workforce Commission
Child Care and COVID-19 Courses Texas A&M AgriLife Extension
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Support and Guidance Texas Education Agency
What Does Childcare Look Like When We First Open Back Up? Texas Baptists
Best Practices for Regathering: Preschool & Children’s Ministries Southern Baptists of Texas



This website contains lots of helpful links, including webinars, US Treasury Department documents, Small Business Administration documents and, even a link to the full text of the CARES act!
Title Source
Encouraging Verses for Anxiety & Worry First Baptist Church McKinney
Helping Your Family Manage Fear and Anxiety First Baptist Church McKinney
Stressed? Bring your senses to the rescue First Baptist Church McKinney

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