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2020 State Conference Live Stream

2020 State Conference Replay

We’re so glad you’re joining us for the 2020 State Conference Replay!

Our prayer is that you will be encouraged and refreshed first.  Then, we’ll move on to equipping you to lead your classroom well.  We hope you’ll be challenged to try some new things or change your perspective on some ideas.  Most of all, we hope you’ll be inspired to see the world once more “Through the Eyes of A Child.”

You’ll find handouts and other resources below!  Just click the blue button.

Day 1

Session 1: Through Your Eyes As A Teacher

Session 2: Supporting The Emotional Needs of Children

Session 3: The Classroom Environment Through The Eyes of a Child

Session 4: The Need For Play And Exploration of Nature

Day 2

Session 1: The Classroom Environment Through The Eyes of A Child (Part 2)

Session 2: Looking Beyond The Challenging Behavior Of Children

Session 3: Staying Connected With Families

Session 4: Looking Forward

Handouts and Resources

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