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2020 San Antonio Area Conference

February 8, 2020

Shearer Hills Baptist Church
12615 San Pedro Ave.
San Antonio, TX 78216

Opening Keynote Speaker

Melissa McKenzie

Making god real to every child!

God seeks to make Himself known to persons of all ages.  Young children – infants thru preschool – are no exception. However, as teachers, we need to “tune in” to how children learn about God and how God becomes real to them. Young children embrace the world  with awe and wonder. They need teachers who will give them time to explore, to see, feel, touch, and taste the world that God created for them. In this keynote,  you will gain an understanding of how young children see God and how to guide these young children to understand and know God.

About Melissa McKenzie

Melissa is an Early Childhood Professional who is committed to making learning a joyful journey. She is the FCS Childhood Guidance/Human Resource Practicum Teacher and Preschool Director for Cypress Ranch Preschool in Cypress, Texas. Melissa holds a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Stephen F. Austin University. She also is a member of the Texas Trainer Registry and currently is responsible for writing the faith-based curriculum for Nabor House Centers.

(Trainer Criteria (a.1, 5) of Minimum Standard 746.1317)

Closing Keynote Speaker

Albert Wright

Unclaimed Blessings: Realizing Every Child's Worth

Children are indeed a blessing from the Lord, but sometimes, when we get stuck in our everyday routines, we forget to view them as such. This training will remind us how God has given us the responsibility of claiming these children as valuable and seeing them as blessings in our lives sent, straight from the Lord. Every child needs to be reminded of their worth, in order to see themselves as valuable. This session will help us reclaim the true mantle of our profession. 

About Albert Wright

Albert Wright is a Master Trainer who has over 20 years in the child care industry. He has had been  chosen as Trainer of the Year three times (TXAEYC Texas Association for the Education of Young Children-2017, TECPEDS Texas Early Childhood Professional Development System- 2016, CCAEYC Collin County Association for the Education of Young Children- 2013) and is a much sought after Master Trainer who has presented on platforms such as conferences for the National Association of Education for Young Children, Southern Early Childhood Association, Children’s Learning Institute, Texas Association for the Education of Young Children, and many more. He consults with Businesses, Schools, Churches, and Nonprofits to strengthen the relationships between the children, educators, administrators and parents. 

Albert holds a Bachelor of Science in Child Development and a Masters of Education in Early Childhood Education. Albert believes that it is important to be both informative and entertaining while training, because if people are entertained, they are more likely to retain the information. Albert seeks to train with the perfect balance of laughter and learning. 

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