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2018 Training DVDs

2018 Training DVDs & Digital Downloads

For the first time, we are offering DVDs AND Digital Downloads for the 2018 Training Videos!


DVD or Digital DownloadTake home some of the excellent training sessions that were presented at our 2018 State Conference! These are high quality DVDs and Digital Downloads that will provide an outstanding training opportunity for your staff. All presenters qualify as credentialed trainers with Child Care Licensing. Handouts and Post Tests will be emailed to you with your Digital Download or once DVDs have shipped.

Note: Please select the appropriate shipping cost associated with the number of DVD’s you are ordering.
Shipping costs are at the bottom of the list of DVD Titles on the order page.

You can pay by PayPal, credit card, or mail us a check. If paying by check, your DVD’s will not be shipped until your check is received.


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Select from the following titles / presenters:

My Heart is Overwhelmed and I’m Losing My Mind (New Teachers) Stephanie Chase
The Heart of Literacy Learning Dawne Pybas
Educating the Whole – Thinking, Feeling, Moving – Child Rae Pica
Understanding Generational Differences Dr. Shelly Melia
Is There Really a Difference Between Boys and Girls? YES Jenice Dames
New Perspectives on Infant and Toddler Behaviors: The Sensory Integrative Approach Dr. Christy Isbell
Capturing the Imagination of Little Minds with Group Time and Storytelling Mark Jones
Having a Heart for Your Staff (Directors) Melissa McKenzie
Connecting the Dots: Developmental Theories and Spiritual Formation Dr. Shelly Melia
How to Stay Play-based in the Readiness World Audrey Rowland