Of course, the Director’s Retreat has been on my mind, desk, computer… just about everywhere for the past few months. So here are some ideas about why you need come to join us at the Granbury Resort Center for this year’s Retreat.


10 Reasons to Attend 2016 Director’s Retreat


1. You really need time away from your center! After all, you can only take so many days of hearing why your teachers couldn’t come to work, why they need their cell phones, or why they didn’t get their lessons plans to you!


  1. 2. You will discover that you are normal! Yes, other directors have the same feelings that you do. You are not crazy for thinking those thoughts that I won’t mention here for fear that one of your teachers might read this blog!


  1. 3. You could just find a sounding board . . . better known as a new friend you can call when you have questions or just need to scream, cry, or shout some good news about your center!

  1. 4. You can sit by the lake and watch the ducks! Maybe you’ve been busy and haven’t had time to listen to God. This is the place to sit quietly and all alone, if needed.


  1. 5. You might just win a car! Notice I didn’t say what size, kind, or color!


  1. 6. You will learn from the experiences of others—probably what not to do!


  1. 7. You will gain specialized faith-based training – the best around!


  1. 8. You could win awesome door prizes. We have gifts, gift cards, and free registrations to the 2016 State Conference!


  1. 9. You are an important part of Texas Baptist Church Weekday Education Association (TBCWEA)! We look forward to spending time with you and getting to know you and your programs!


  1. 10. You are the key to a successful program! Take time to refresh! So “Let the Director Come. Play. Learn.”



See you in Granbury!